Sheet Metal Fabrication and Production Services

If you are a contractor, American Custom Metals in Spencerport, NY can help you. We provide aluminum products, as well as sheet metal fabrication and production services. ACM also offers product design assistance, along with warehouse and logistic services for manufacturers.

Services We Offer

All our products are shipped direct from our manufacturers, or from our own local warehouse, to anywhere in the U.S. Whatever size or quantity you need, we will get it to you.

Aluminum Extrusion Product Design Assistance
ACM will help you from the conception of your product, up to its manufacture and release. We work with various types of material including Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, and Aluminum.

Product Development Assistance
Manufacturing is a fundamental part of America’s backbone and we are proud to do our part. With our assistance, you will be able to supply quality parts that you can proudly stand behind.

Warehousing/Logistics Services
Our company uses the latest technology to fulfill the logistics, warehousing, inventory, fulfillment, freight distribution, and transportation needs of our clients. This includes inventory control, as well as packaging and labeling.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions
American Custom Metals specializes in aluminum extrusions for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. We use our expertise in producing outstanding profiles in a wide variety of finishes for your products.

Custom Fabrication
Our metal fabrication experts will work with you to create a masterpiece, exactly the way you envision it. We design components and assemblies based around the latest CNC manufacturing processes such as laser sheet and plate, as well as tube cutting, water jet cutting, press brake forming, and machining.

Custom Product Assembly/Packaging
ACM’s manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly operation includes state-of-the-art machining centers. Our manufacturing and assembly process also includes screw machine parts, as well as other machined components in a variety of different materials.

Custom Finishes
We offer an extensive range of sand blasting equipment, abrasive equipment, vibratory equipment, mass finishing equipment, environmental equipment, and cleaning equipment.

Painted Aluminum
Here at ACM, we offer painted aluminum for a finish that combines durability and aesthetics. Our finishes offer an abrasive coating while maintaining the capability for fabricating.

Mill Finish Aluminum Coil/Sheet
These are sheets and coils of aluminum that are fresh from production. They have a rough texture and no chemical finishing is applied to them. This “raw” form is ideal for further modification and application of custom finishes.

Anodized Aluminum Coil/Sheet
We are a premier supplier of anodized, flat-rolled aluminum sheet metal, aluminum coils, and aluminum blanks. This treated form of aluminum is more resistant to corrosion and wear and works better with paint primers and glues.

Aluminum Step Floor and Bridges
You can also order step floors and bridges made of aluminum from us here at ACM. These are not only built-to-last but also lighter and easier to install. Like with our other products, we will ship them across the U.S. to wherever you need them.

Custom Laser Cut Aluminum/Steel Grids
Precision cutting sheet metal is a tough job without the proper equipment. Here at ACM, we can cut your aluminum or steel exactly the way you want it. Just give us the design and our meticulous technicians will do the rest.

Painted Steel Coil
All products are produced from tension-leveled, extra smooth substrate. With 32 standard colors, we also have the ability to provide paint finishes with colors matching virtually any request.

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